Senators are actively engaged in carrying out the Forum’s mission in their countries. Their status affords them privileged access to multi-stakeholder networks of the Forum and its experts, providing visibility and strategic insights into the decision-making processes related to some of the most significant cross-border investment issues. It also allows them to contribute to positive change and to engage in initiatives that support economic development in their home countries.



WBAF Senators are the movers and shakers of their country’s ecosystem. They may be, for example, academicians, members of their country’s stock exchange, technopark members, active in country-specific angel networks and/or the chamber of commerce, professionals of global corporates or involved in policymaking.

  • WBAF Senators hold a professional position and have an extensive network, are able to mentor on specific subjects, and are willing and able to share their know-how.

  • They are eager to integrate the local ecosystem with the global ecosystem.

  • They energise and motivate.


WBAF Senators are expected to

  • be active in daily communication via the WBAF WhatsApp group.

  • follow daily events and keep relevant parties informed.

  • encourage and initiate collaboration between WBAF and the players in their country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  • attend and vote in the General Assembly at the WBAF Annual Congress.

  • take an active part in WBAF committees.

  • raise awareness at policymaker level about the importance of the startup economy.

  • encourage the establishment of a WBAF country office. (Senators who take a leadership role in  establishing a country office will automatically be designated as High Commissioner. In the event there is already a High Commissioner, they will serve as Co-Commissioners.)

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