High Commissioners

High Commissioners represent businesses with a strong regional presence or a strategic interest in a particular region. Each is committed to promoting economic and social development at various levels. High Commissioners’ access to the Forum’s multi-stakeholder network and experts provides visibility and offers insights into strategic decision-making on important regional and global issues.



WBAF High Commissioners are typically individuals who hold high-level positions of responsibility or who are known as influencers or thought leaders. These may include respected members of the country’s business community.

  • High Commissioners are the highest level representatives of their country in the WBAF General Assembly.

  • They possess a strong network and an ability to open doors for new entrants into their country’s market.

  • There is normally only one High Commissioner per country. In certain cases, an additional High Commissioner may be appointed.


WBAF High Commissioner are expected to

  • be well connected with policymakers and all players of the local ecosystem.

  • support WBAF in its mission in their country at the highest levels.

  • attend and vote in the General Assembly at the WBAF Annual Congress.

  • raise awareness at policymaker level about the importance of the startup economy.

  • encourage the establishment of a WBAF country office.